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Kapil Bhatia

11th Standard
Starting at: ₹1,400

about Kapil Bhatia

I am full time teacher who can provide anyone the best knowledge and can help them to grow their english language very fluent. I have experience of 6 years. Working with ROED, is and will be a great great experience forever. I can teach you very efficiently. I teach spoken english, written english, english for cbse, english for Icse, english for any board of any country, english grammer and literature as my primary subject and All other subjects as my secondary.
You can contact me anytime for any subject/skill in the world. Being in ROED, I can help you for any subject/skill because the company I am working in that is RUHANI ONLINE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT (ROED) hell for each and every subject in the world.

Work Experience:
11 years
Subjects (Non Medical & Medical):